Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Technical issues.

Hey there... i havent forgot about you people again, over the past 2 weeks i have been trying to log on and post, but it seems that blogger is now owned by google, and when i log on, it logs on to my gmail account which doesnt have a blog yet... so after a few head aches i am finaly back. So all is going good... slowly starting to wind down out of summer mode as the weather starts to get colder again. Im just glad i have had as many good times as i have had this summer. Tonight i went down to the beach to practice my tennis. I was there for an hour and a half, it was one of the longer sessions i have spent playing tennis. I thaught i had lost the little i had learned. It seems all it needed was a little refresher. Now im going to bed now... going to get me a full 8 hours tonight ( i hope ;) ) so il post again soon.

Make love not war...

just a little somthing to think about

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

so i did it again!!

well well well, what can I say, I have been having an awsome time this summer. I been having bbq's, playing alot of tennis, going campin, and so on and so forth. Just been havin a good time. But with good time's come's bad behavour. My alchole consumption has sky rocketed, which is not a good thing. Been keepin at it at the gym. Actually the last BMI i was afraid i would be dissapointed, but infact it was my best one yet. I was at 50% body fat when i started and now im sitting at 40%. Aswell; I had lost 20 lbs of fat, but gained 12 pounds o muscle and 8 pounds of water. so my general weight stayed the same. All in All though things are getting better. I will be moving in the next couple months, maybe to kits, or even the west end; il see how it goes. Once again i will promis to try and post often.. too all my fans and friends, sorry i have made you guys wait for this so long.

Monday, July 03, 2006

iv been a bad bad boy

So i know.. its been like a month since i have posted and i feel terrible about it, iv also been caught up in this beautifull weather, and everything that goes with it... im gunna come out and say it... i have been sneaking bad stuff... more than i should have. Ice cream, gelato, burgers (not mcdonalds i would never touch that) and my krytonite, BEER. too much beer... now im gunna kick it back into gear from hear one out... and i will let you all know how it goes.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

OMG almost 2 weeks.....

I dont know whats wrong with me people... i just keep forgetting to post..

So since i last talked to you... lets see.... mmm.

I had another BMI... and last month i lost a total of 14 pounds of body fat and put on 4 pounds of muscle..... Iv been going to the gym on a regular basis... and keeping up the healthy eatin habits.... but now and then something bad slips in here and there.... today i went to the mall to pic up a few new things.. i went into the big and tall store in metrotown.. and i kinda started to feel bumed out... its like.. i see this place and i feel like such a sack of shit.... the fact that i let myself get to this point where i need to be buying at a specialty store.... i felt bad for the other people in there... i wanted to get out of there as fast as i could....

other than that.. i cant remember anything else important..... o i also got a yoga ball for work to sit on... good stuff....

cya later guys.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

i feel like i have done this before.

So i gotta stop doing this sunday night bloggin thing.. i need to do it more often too... so everything is going well i suppose... im at 385lbs now... been keepin away from the junk food... though i will say this weekend was a little extravagent. Friday was Iris's B-day (only the coolest person alive who can dance all kinds of awsome jig's) where i was drinking red wine, and snacking on a few chips... and saterday was MJ's house warming party (amazing place by the way) where i did not have and wine, but i did sample the fine cheese's and other stuff that wasnt great for my health. But even then i didnt over do it. so i should be in the clear. On another note, not with my current weight, and if i can make it, i wanna make it a total of about 50 lbs lost at the end of the month since january. that means i need to reach 377... im hopefull though and i will keep you all posted... peace out my homies.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

sunday night yet again...

im sorry i havent been updating... from now on i promis to do it on sundays and wednesday.. i cant be slacking.

So i had another BMI done on thursday, the good news.... im now 385. but the bad news... i gained fat mass.. we think its because i didnt have enough water... so were gunna do it again in like 3 weeks see how im doing... in general iv also come to realise that im gunna have to cut out even the pizza i love now and then... its just not working for me... Though i have been having protien shakes in the morning that i make my self with that protien powder i baught and im actually liking it... i might cut back on the amount of meat im eating, and just replace it with a protien shake... for example. tonight im not too hungry cuz i had a late lunch with a friend so im going to have a large protien shake (protien) and then a couple glass's of wine (carbs) and then a few nuts to snack on (fat) then i will be all ballanced out... :P thats gunna be my dinner...

I also went to the gym monday-thursday missed friday, but thats ok.

well till later my fan's

peace out brothers

Sunday, April 09, 2006

sunday night

hey there my adoring fans... its time for buffalo vision.... hehehe, kidding...

so just listing to some modest mouse as im typin this ("world at large" if your intrested) and i am feelin good, not just about the music about everything. This new "the zone" nutrition plan, if you wanna call it that, im on is really affecting me in a good way. Combined with the excersize, im feeling wonderfull. I find my self more focused at work, more energy, and just plane happy all the time... its awsome...

I got a call from Jill ( one of the fitness world employee's thats kinda been lookin after me while in on the zone) and she wants to schedual another BMI test, its kinda been like 2-3 weeks... a little soon, but im curious to see what it says, and as usual il let you guys know how it goes.

I also went to the gym monday-thursday last week. skipped out on friday to help a friend out.... im always there for friends.

but i do have a confession to make... i had pizza this weekend while i watched the Canuck's play( by the way im glad to see one of my fav players back, and he made an awsome comeback with the winning goal. thats right ladies and gentalmen, Mr Ed Jovonaski.) It was just a medium plain pizza so it could have been worse, but that no excuse, its time to cut this shit out...

well my friends time for me to go to bed.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

yo yo yo

so im thinkin im not gunna post everyday, maybe 3-4 times a week, and let you know when i eat something bad. Well i did weigh my self yesterday, and i was 391, kinda just hovering around that area, but im gunna keep going at it, ya know, im not giving up. I alos has some pizza and chicken wings for dinner last night, i wasnt too proud of that, but it happens some times. i just cant let it happen to much. so ya.. just a quick post before i go to bed.

cya all later.

Monday, April 03, 2006

back as promised

So ya.. i know its been a week and i have been a bad bad boy....

so where to start...

ok last week, cant really remember much about it... in general i didnt really eat anything bad. it was just my usual stuff. i did go to the gym only 3 times, thursday i had to go into the gym and meet with the one of the fine young ladies at fitness world about the zone program i had joined up for. If you wandering what the zone is.. its a nutrition plan, where they balance your diet, so that you have the correct portions of carbs, fats, and protiens, today is my first day on it, so il tell you how everything is going in a couple weeks.

Some of you might not know, but this past weekend i was up in Prince George,where there were a few indulgence's, like beer, pizza, and ribs, but everything else was moderated. O and there was alot of coffee.. and when i mean alot i mean a crap load. Is coffee considerd bad for a diet, i dont know, if anyone knows, please leave a comment.

O and on this past monday at the gym i hurt my shoulder while i was doing weights(chest), it really hurt and i was worried about it all last week. That didnt stop me from working out... i just took it easy, but today its feeling alot better and il be doing chest's again tomorow, i hope it will be fine.

o one last thing, you might have noticed that i havent been posting my weight, well the lady at fitness world suggest that i dont weight my self so often. So from now on i will update once a month with my current weight. i didnt weigh myself today so il let you all know tomorow.

Well ladies and gental men its time for me to go to bed...

till later my friends.

All last week......... im a bad bad boy.

wow... i cant believe it. its been like a week since i updated.... im at work right now so i just wanted to touch base..... i promis i will update tonight with everything. including my trip to prince george.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

friday, saterday and sunday

So it happend again.. and to tell you the truth... i dont think its a big deal... just as long as i update it with everything i did.

People been telling me that they can see the weight loss in my face and they can notice, makes me feel good, keeps me motivated. Last week i also put on a dress shirt i havent worn in 2 years and when i did wear it last it was really tight... now it fits kinda loosly... :P so stoked about that.

So friday was usuall.... breakfast was a cheese scone and a coffee, lunch was a small serving of chicken and a garden salad, and a apple. Dinner was a cussant melt from the Namma (cusant, avacado, tomato, and cheese), and some potato wedges. Later was a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of chicken.

I also went to the gym on friday, usual 15 mins bike, 15 mins elyptical, and 40 mins weights (arms)

Saterday Lunch was 2 slices of flying wedge pizza (yumm) and then dinner was at east side mario's where i had some kinda chicken catchetory (double yum) with some garden salad and some bread.... o i also had 2 glasses of beer with dinner (it was a friends b-day, i couldnt help my self). then into the night i consumed almost an entire bottle of red wine @_@ and had a small piece of birthday cake.

sunday was easy, lunch was bacon and egg sandwich with some avacado on the side. Dinner was a large serving of chicken, some sliced sour dough bread with spinach dip on it, an apple and a small portion of french vannilla frozen yogert.

cya all later.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

wednesday, thursday o no... it happend again.

heheheheh.... it happend again... my bad.

So yesterday was pretty good.. went to gym, 15 mins bike, 15 mins elyptical, 30 mins weights (back)

Breakfast was a chicken salad sandwich, and a coffee, lunch was large serving of chicken, a whole wheat bun, and an apple. Dinner was a small pizza, and some chicken. ( i know the pizza wasnt great for me.... call it a moment of weakness and i didnt feel like cookin)

When i had just finished changing at the gym yesterday i was combing my hair and this guy starts talkin to me, about how my work-outs have been, and he told me about a friend of his that that lost like a 150 pounds in like 2 years, which i found inspiering. He also asked me what my approach was, i proceaded to tell him about how i cut out sugar completely, and just became consious about what i was eating. I was really a pick me up, made me feel really good about what i was doing, not like it wasnt before, it was just that much better this time. I guess its the fack that a stranger is taking intrest in how i was doing. He must have seen me around that gym to tell you the truth.

so now on to today.

Breakfast was a coffee and a turkey sandwich. Lunch was a veggie sandwich, 2 granola bars. I had an apple and yogert in the mid afternoon. Dinner was a chicken pitta sandwich, a piece of chicken cordon swiss, and then later as a snack i had, yogert, and a peanut butter sandwich.

I did go to the gym today, but i didnt get a chance to work out because i was doing an evaluation. So this is the low down. The good news is..... well in my sitation the only good news is that im loosing weight... The bad news was almost all expected, except for the high blood pressure, o by the way, i have high blood pressure. Its not terrible, its inbetween (normal high) and (hypertention low) something to work on. So as of today, i was 389lbs with a 38% hydration(what ever that means, im gunna read the sheet tonight and il let you guys know soon what it means. Im also about 186.8lbs of fat mass, and 202lbs of muscle bone and organs: this means i am 48% fat, a health amount would be 20-25% fat.

Well when i figure this all out i will hopefully give you guys a better discription.

till next time.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

sunday, monday, tuesday, omg what happend

wow... so iv kinda been really busy as of lately, but dont worry, i havent been to busy for the gym. let me get straight to the what matters
i cant recall what i had on sunday, but i do remember that i didnt eat much, and that i didnt feel bad about it so it must not have been bad for me.

monday went to the gym, 20 mins bike, 20 mins elyptical, 30 mins weights (legs) Breakfast was a piece of lemon loaf, and a piece of bannana bread. Lunch was a small serving of chicken, some cucumber, an apple, bannana, and some fruit tofu. Then dinner was some greek food(chicken and lamb slovakie) potato, calamarie, pita bread, and a little bit of rice.

tuesday was gym again 15 mins bike, 15 mins elyptical trainer, 30 mins wieghts (chest)
Breakfast was a 12 oz americano, a sausage and egg wrap,
Lunch was a chicken salad sandwich, a ceaser salad, and an apple.
Dinner was a couple slices of pizza, a piece of chicken and some yogert.

O and some other news, on monday i booked an appointment to get my self tested to see how much muscel percentage and body fat percentage i have.

till later and i will try not to neglect this site for so long again.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


breakfast was a ham sandwich from the bread garden

lunch was a home made sandwich with montreal smoked brisket

dinner was a couple home made burgers

2 beers

and some pizza later with some friends

no gym though

Saturday, March 18, 2006

friday on a saterday

Hey there sports fans...... So i didnt post lastnight cuz i got home kinda late, but it wasnt the night of over consuming alchole that alot of people had, i was just out late. and when i got home i was tired so i went straight to bed. went to the gym today, 15 mins bike, 15 mins elyptical and then 45 mins of weights (bicepts and tricepts).

Breakfast was a coffee, and a cheese scone, Lunch "Italian style wedding" soup, and a roast beef sandwich. then Earlier in the night i had a chicken salad sandwich to tied me over, then later i had some mushrooms soup "small Bowl" a Piece of chicken cordon swiss, half and avacado, and some yogert.